Palamai provides individual neurologic music therapy sessions for individuals. After an initial assessment, the therapist will make recommendations for treatment. Sessions may focus on goal areas such as fine and gross motor functioning, communication skills, social/emotional functioning, cognitive skills, and self-expression. Some examples of music experiences in a session include songwriting, singing, playing instruments, song discussion/analysis, music assisted relaxation, and vocal/instrumental improvisation.

Palamai offers individual music therapy sessions on a private-pay basis. In-home services are offered in the North San Diego County areas of Encinitas, Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside and San Marcos.

Services include an initial music therapy assessment, consisting of an interview with the parent/caregiver (and client if applicable) as well as music therapy interventions. From the assessment, measurable, non-musical goals and objectives for therapy are determined based on the therapist’s observations and input from the parent/caregiver. The Transitional Design Model is used to determine the appropriate treatment by translating the non-musical goals into music therapy interventions and then relating how these eventually transfer to real-life application. This model is used to determine which standardized interventions to implement, though each intervention is specifically constructed for each client.

One-on-one sessions include direct interaction between the music therapist and the client, using evidence-based musical interventions to target the specific non-musical goals and objectives for that client. Data is collected on each objective during each session. Treatment is completely unique and specialized to the specific client’s goals and abilities.

A standard session is 50 minutes in length with extra time is left at the end to talk to the parent/caregiver about treatment.

To begin the enrollment process for music therapy services, please email